NEMA Fundraising Auction

New England Marijuana Anonymous

NEMA Fundraising Auction

New England Marijuana Anonymous (NEMA) is holding a fundraiser auction to raise money for the district and the 2021 MA Business Conference (hosted by NEMA). The date and time of the auction is Friday, March 13 at 7pm at Right Turn (440 Arsenal St., Watertown)  Please note that this is immediately before the 8pm meeting at the same location.

Below are items and experiences available for auction. Pre-bids will be accepted. To submit a pre-bid, simply reach out to Andre C. or email with the item/experience and your bid. Auctions items are available to members of MA (you are a member if you have a desire to stop smoking marijuana). If you would like to donate to the auction, please email with your donation. Thank you and happy bidding!  

List of Auction Items:

  1. G. - A Rock Climbing Lesson (G. "rocks") Pre-bid: $5
  2. Deluxe Town Diner - Dinner for Two (Expect the Deluxe treatment) Pre-bid: $50
  3. Andre - Frisbee Throwing Lesson (Learn a Forehand, or maybe even the "Hammer") Pre-bid: $5
  4. Andre - A Chess Lesson (Learn to play, or improve your game) Pre-bid: $5
  5. Karen - 1 hour of Editing (Might be good for your Resume) Pre-bid: $5
  6. Matt - A Wardrobe Consultation (GQ watch out) Pre-bid: $10
  7. Jason - A Computer/Technology Consultation (All your questions answered) Pre-bid: $5
  8. Mark - A Guitar Lesson (He's a man with a Slow Hand) Pre-bid: $50
  9. Dani - Learn to Roller Skate (See why they call her Little Red Right Hook) Pre-bid: $5
  10. Dave -  Transportation There and Back to Airport, Hospital etc. (You've seen Road Warrior) Pre-bid: $25
  11. Amanda - Expert Cooking Lesson (in case you're unfamiliar with Baking) Pre-bid: $5
  12. Karen - Guitar/Bass/Steel Guitar lesson (Steel Your Face) Pre-bid: $5
  13. Andre - Host a poker party for your friends (I will bring cards, chips, deal, and break up any fistfights) Pre-bid: $5
  14. Dave - Help cleaning your basement/house/de-hoarding (Dig out from under. You know you Love This Idea) Pre-bid: $5
  15. Becky - Kayak trip for One w Becky or Two without Becky (Roll with the Inuit) Pre-bid: $5
  16. H. - Make Custom Greeting Cards (Let this be your Hallmark) Pre-bid: $5
  17. Dani - Map of Mass. with RECOVERY in Scrabble letters (Recovery is an 8 letter Word) Pre-bid: $5
  18. Dani - Grama's homemade pie (Unless you have lost your Mittens) Pre-bid: $10
  19. Brian - Art lesson (Learn what you want to learn about.  We're not talking Garfunkel) Pre-bid: $5
  20. Brian - Original pencil portrait (What an awesome gift for yourself or a Loved One) Pre-bid: $100
  21. Amanda - Dinner Party Assist or "Hold a Dinner for Friends/Loved Ones" (Amanda makes it Easy! There's more than one way to Party) Pre-bid: $40

  22. Melissa - Life Activation (a $250 value) - Light up your life with Energy Balancing and Spiritual DNA Activation Pre-bid: $25

  23. Max - Learn to Solve the Rubik's Cube (Group Theory lessons extra) Pre-bid: $25

  24. Meredith- Jewelry Making Lesson (let your inner light Shine) Pre-bid: $5

  25. Meredith- 45 minute Reiki session (feel the Power) Pre-bid: $5

  26. John - Marketing consultation for your (small) business (John will give you the Business) Pre-bid: $20

  27. Brian - 2nd Original pencil portrait (What an awesome gift for yourself or a Loved One) Pre-bid: $100
  28. Ryan - Play with Goats! (from the original Man who stares at Goats) Pre-bid: $5

More details are available on individual auction items if requested!