Are you affected by another person's marijuana use?

Many times, we have heard: "It's just pot - what's the problem?"

You may feel confused, isolated, or even like you’re going

crazy. We in Mar-Anon understand.

There is a wide-spread belief that marijuana cannot be

addictive. But, as with any mood-altering substance, people

can, and do, become addicted to marijuana. Like any

addictive behavior, habitual marijuana use has an impact that

extends beyond the user.

Dealing with someone’s addiction can be a painful struggle but

it also creates opportunity. In Mar-Anon, we seek to recover

from the effects of this family disease. While we have found

that we cannot change others, we can transform ourselves

and create more serenity, clarity, and happiness in our lives.

The only requirement for membership in Mar-Anon is that a

person be affected by another’s marijuana use.

Can Mar-Anon help me?

• Do you think someone in your life is addicted to marijuana?

• Is marijuana use a source of conflict in your relationship?

• Are you enabling chronic marijuana use - financially or emotionally?

• Do you feel bad when other people doubt that marijuana can be addictive or harmful?

• Do you worry that the addict has retreated from your relationship or from life?

• Do you think marijuana use has changed the addict's personality?

• Have you ever been embarrassed or ashamed by the marijuana user's habit?

• Have you ever hoped the addict would "grow out of" using?

• Do you try to get the addict to seek treatment for emotional/mental issues?

• Have you attended other 12-step meetings for support and felt your specific concerns were not addressed?

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