Marijuana Anonymous World Services

MAWS is our shorthand reference for Marijuana Anonymous World Services, which serves

the society of Marijuana Anonymous (the members, Districts & overall organization).

MAWS, as the bottom of the “inverted pyramid” of service, serves those marijuana addicts who

need to know where a meeting is, or how to start one themselves, how to bring a panel to a

hospital or institution, how to create a new District or send representatives to the World Service

Conference.  MAWS spreads the word about MA to the general public, professionals and the

media, and helps groups and Districts who wish to perform outreach of their own.

MAWS, through its Trustees, committees and MA members (all volunteers) writes and approves

all of the “Conference Approved” literature you see on tables at meetings (or online) – from

these pamphlets to the book Life With Hope (LWH), as well as the Life With Hope Step

Workbook and CDs. The “New Leaf Publications” arm of MAWS publishes those materials, as

well as our monthly newsletter – A New Leaf.  MAWS provides pamphlets and an audio version

of LWH available online at no charge to the addict who needs them. MAWS, a non-profit,

501(c)(3) corporation, does most of the background work necessary to keep the society of

Marijuana Anonymous functioning smoothly.

Marijuana Anonymous has over 400 meetings every week, both in person and online.

You can find a searchable list of all MA meetings here

You can contact MAWS at :

5551 Hollywood Blvd #1043
Hollywood, CA 90028-6814
United States